Natalie needs to find a work.

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Driven young photographer and choreographer. Seeking assignments and jobs. Everything of interest! I am charming, helpful and bakes wonderful muffins. With love. Natti 0735 239776

Andreas needs a job!

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I love working and I love my future boss. Looking for a job. Preferably restaurant jobs. I am trustworthy, kind, ambitious and fun. Yours sincerely. Andreas 0701 435938


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Ångest and Ruskig talked about how eggs should be painted 30 years from now in the whole world. In 30 years we would know the answer.

Ruskig at the peoples park.

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Ruskig piece made by Ruskig and Ångest at The Peoples Park, Malmö, Sweden. May 2010

Ruskig in Finnish forest.

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save me

Egs, Ruskig Ångest and Jame. Helsinki May 2010.

show me

Close-up. RUSKIG by Ruskig and Ångest. With love dedicated to Noomi.

ÅNGEST at Norrebro.

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Ruskig and Ångest hits Norrebro, Copenhagen, Danmark one cold day in May 2010.

Ruskig Donald-D Ångest

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Spinneriet Malmö Maj 2010

Ruskig, Donald-D and Ångest. Finally they meet.